Sunday, March 28, 2010

looking for ROARy

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We went to see new born Berline Laureline a.k.a Princess Rory.

I really love the lighting in Rory's room. It was around 4 - 5 PM, not long before sunset.

Lunch at Hachi Hachi before

Vely posing

The new mom wearing Rory's Modoki (black Mokona) furry fluffy hat.

Grace enjoying some snack

Mommy and Rory

Panci and Grace, writing card.

Vely looked too dramatic here, as she was only writing card for Rory

My fave pic.
Lovely mommy and baby.

Rory's crying

Panci with serious look on her face, while I'm sure she's not thinking something that serious LOL

The whole group

The sunset from Rory's window

Another mommy and rory pic

Big eyed Rory looked surprise =D. Cute!

Another surprise look hahahaha...


  1. it's one of a great time sharing a day with these gals.
    gonna missed this kind of day.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww so coll me Goddy
    yeah i really miss you gals <3

  3. iyahh..yukk ngumpul2 lagi^^

  4. follow2 u Flo... soon on January 2011